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Iceland Travel Guide

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Here's a quick rundown of my 72 hour trip to Iceland, including helpful travel tips and beauty care recommendations for on the go.


You know that feeling of getting the direct deposit at like 1 am Friday morning... feeling on cloud nine, student loan debt can't touch you, rent was paid last week, and you decide to ignore all responsibilities to... uh... run away to Iceland for 3 days? Yea I bet that first part sounded pretty familiar, right? I guess I was feeling pretty spontaneous because I decided to buy a flight to Iceland with absolutely no plan. Fast forward 12 hours and I'm on a plane trying to buy WiFi to rent a car and book a hotel room. The great thing about Iceland is that the sun never really sets. So to our sweet and naive (stupid, poorly planned, idiotic) surprise, we had about 72 hours of daylight to aimlessly run around Iceland.. lol....

We decided we wanted to stay in Reykjavik and wow it was SO cute, I fell in love with this

place. It was a quaint little town right on the water with pastel-colored buildings and brick roads. Mostly everyone spoke English so it was easy to communicate. There was a healthy mix of tourists and natives, who were all very friendly.

The only things we knew we wanted to do was check out the Perlan and the Blue Lagoon. The Perlan is a museum that's known for its architectural features and panoramic views over Reykjavík. Not to mention the glacier exhibit which features a MAN MADE ice cave. Just want to make that clear because we thought it was real up until we got there lol.

So after the Perlan we had a reservation at the Blue Lagoon, which was about a 45 minute drive from Reykjavik. Blue Lagoon was an unreal experience. One important note, make sure to book your reservation ahead of time as they do not allow visitors to buy tickets at the door. The next 48 hours we spent driving around Iceland with absolutely no plan.

Here's a list of some of my favorite places we came across that I strongly suggest you check out during your time in Iceland:

1. Gullfoss waterfall

2. Blue Lagoon

3. Seljalandsfoss waterfall

4. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

5. (My ultimate favorite hike!!) The Skogafoss waterfall located in Skogar. This waterfall was, of course, beautiful, but the real surprise came after hiking up hundreds of stairs at the top of it all, rolling hills with a river running through. An unbelievable sight as the sun started to come alive from behind the clouds. I all of a sudden felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude. Seeing the beauty the world holds, at this moment I felt extremely grateful to be where I was.

If you're planning a trip to Iceland in 2019 I would highly recommend following the "Golden Circle". The Golden Circle is a route of tourist destinations covering the southern region of Iceland. During my trip, we somewhat followed this route to find destinations that interested us. Even if you decide not to, there are tons of signs along the main roads to point you in the direction of the next beautiful sight!

(If you can't already see the giant waterfalls from the road) ;)

(Scroll down to see a collection of photos from my trip!)


The short time I had to prepare for my trip I packed only the essentials in a carry on size

suitcase. Since I knew we would spend most of our time hiking I packed items that could be

layered and obviously couldn't forget to include the pom beanies. ;)

Must haves while packing for Iceland:

1. Lush Cosmetics: Cosmetic Lad Moisturizer

2. Lush Cosmetics: Ocean Salt Scrub

3. Cocokind Organic Eye Firming Oil

4. Cocokind Organic Golden Elixir


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