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Activities for 3 Days in Lake Tahoe!

Only have a few days to get away?

Here are my top recommendations while exploring Lake Tahoe!


I remember Lake Tahoe being one of the first travel destinations I discovered on Pinterest yearssss ago. Fast forward a couple years and I am finally able to check this destination off of my travel bucket list!

We started planning this trip knowing we wanted to go to Lake Tahoe and we had about 6 days available. Knowing that 6 days was too much time to spend in one place, we searched a map for somewhere nearby we could adventure to! To our surprise, Yosemite was only a few hours of driving away! We booked our flights to Reno and started planning our trip,

Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Hiking trip 2020!!

1st off, lets talk about where to stay in Lake Tahoe. My recommendation is to book a few months in advance to guarantee a nice resort in North Lake Tahoe.

My top recommendations would be:

- Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and Casino

- Franciscan Lakeside Lodge

- Parkside Inn

If you find yourself staying in South Lake Tahoe, here are my top recommendations:

- Tahoe Seasons Resort

- Hotel Azure

- Beach Retreat and Lodge

- The Landing Resort and Spa

There were two things I knew I HAD to accomplish while visiting Lake Tahoe,

1. Paddle board over crystal clear blue water, and 2. Mountain Bike the Flume Trail

Paddle Board Rentals

Renting paddle boards in Lake Tahoe can be somewhat difficult - it is a very high demand activity which makes finding an available reservation challenging. Make sure to secure your reservation a month or so in advance. Originally we wanted to book using Wild Society because this company offers clear kayaks and paddle boards. They were unfortunately completely booked so we went with the next best option for normal paddle boards and rented from Sand Harbor Rentals in North Lake Tahoe. The process was incredibly

easy and smooth.

A few recommendations for early morning rentals;


Sand Harbor parking lot opens at 8am and because of limited parking people start arriving to get in line at 7am. So make sure to wake up early to grab your favorite coffee and breakfast treat and enjoy while you wait for the harbor to open.

2. Complete your Waiver Beforehand

To make the check in process quicker, make sure to complete the safety waiver beforehand. It is super easy and only takes a few minutes!

3. Wear Clothing LAYERS

In the morning it is very chilly before the sun comes over the mountains and onto the harbor/lake. It can get cold while you're waiting in line to receive your rental gear so wear pants and a jacket. Once you're out on the lake, the water is very cold, layers help until you get warmed up! Once the weather warms up, you can take off layers.

4. Rent Dry Bags

If you have electronics or clothes to keep dry, request to rent a dry bag. For us we had the drone and a few layers of clothes so we got the large dry bag for around $12. For reference, we were able to fit a hiking backpack inside the large dry bag.

Recommended locations to paddle board to:

1. Bon Sai Rock

2. Secret Cove

3. Crystal Bay

4. Hidden Beach

Flume Mountain Bike Trail

This was one of the coolest experiences I have had so far in my life! Beware! This trail is difficult and I wouldn't recommend to beginners. The first four miles of the trail are a brutal uphill, if you're not an experienced biker, I would recommend getting a bike that is part electric. Once you pass the four miles the trail is very easy, aside from the few narrow straights and steep cliffs! We rented mountain bike from Flume Mountain Bike Rentals, the company was easy to book and staff was very friendly. When renting from here you can either

park your car at the bike shop in Incline Village and take the shuttle van in the morning to Spooner Lake State Park. Your bike ride would end back at incline village where your car is parked.


if you are staying in South Lake Tahoe, Request to have the bikes delivered to Spooner Lake then request a shuttle from the end of the trail (incline village) back to your car at Spooner Lake. If you do choose this option, make sure to note the request in the email confirmation and call to confirm this request the night before your scheduled rental.

Here are my top recommended hikes in Lake Tahoe:

- Emerald Bay

- Eagle Lakes

- D.L. Bliss State Park

- Fallen Leaf Lake

- Vista Point Overlook

Restaurant Recommendations:

COVID-19 UPDATE: All restaurants require reservations!

Lone Eagle Grille

- North Lake Tahoe

- Fire pit


-North Lake Tahoe

-Authentic Italian


-South Lake Tahoe

-Authentic Italian

Jason’s Beachside Grille

-Live music

-Right on the beach

Chambers Landing Pier Bar

-Cool atmosphere

Cafe Fiore

-Italian food

Ernies coffee shop

-Serves breakfast and lunch


-Cafe and smoothies (Good coffee!! Classic Bagel options)

- you can call ahead to order for pickup

Taqueria Jalisco

-South Lake Tahoe

-Authentic cheap tacos

Emerald bay bar and grill

-Outdoor patio

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